Ross International, Ltd.

Bringing a World of Experience to Your Door

Ross International, Ltd. is a shining example of “the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.” Dedicated to quality, at the forefront of advanced technologies, and committed to meeting the individual needs of each customer, Ross International, Ltd. companies are unique in the global marketplace.

A family of interrelated operations, these companies offer single-source service,
leading-edge manufacturing, and just-in-time delivery of precision-crafted moulds,
patterns, tooling, castings, machined components, and subassemblies for a wide
variety of industries.

While enjoying the financial stability and resources of a large corporation, Ross
International, Ltd. companies strive to maintain local, customer-focused relationships,
supplying design, engineering, and manufacturing services to meet nearly any specification in a cost-effective manner.

Contact one of the Ross International, Ltd. companies regarding your next project. Ross puts a wealth of resources behind their unparalleled personal services.

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